( The Lotus Sutra - Chapter 12: Devadatta , Kosei Publishing )
" Thereupon, Manjushri, sitting on a thousand-petal lotus flower as large as a cartwheel, with the bodhisattvas who accompanied him also sitting on jeweled lotus flowers, unaided, sprang up from the great ocean, out of the palace of the Sagara Dragon King. Taking his place in the sky, he advanced to the Diving Vulture Peak, alighted from his lotus flower, went before the Buddha, and reverently made obeisance at the feet of the two World-Honoured Ones.... Manjushri spoke thus,"( With regard to the sentient beings that I have liberated, ) their numbers are immeasurable; they cannot be calculated, nor expressed in words, nor fathomed by the mind......" Before Manjushri had finished speaking, numberless bodhisattvas sitting on jeweled lotus flowers sprang up from the sea, advanced to the Divine Vulture Peak, and took up their place in the sky. Then said Manjushri to Wisdom Accumulation, "Such has been the results of my course of instruction in the oceans....."



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