Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Thupten Kunphen - Dharma Teaching 2023

Guide to the Bodhisattvas’ Way of Life
with Khensur Geshe Thupten Kunphen


Khensur Rinpoche has agreed to teach online the above text on 28 May 2023 (Sunday), 8 to 9 pm - Singapore and Malaysia time.

Gen Khensur la should be continuing with teaching of the text on the last Sunday of the month,

so long as Gen Khensur la’s schedule permits and if the Venerable Translator’s schedule allows.

The English translation will be shown on screen while the audio translation will be in Chinese.

His Holiness always comments on how this text is unequivocally supreme for Bodhicitta cultivation.

堪苏图登坤陪仁波切会在05 月28 日,通过Zoom频台,教授寂天菩萨的入菩萨行论。



The Zoom login details are as follow:

Meeting ID: 3141377808
Passcode: 966544

About Khensur Gen Rinpoche
Khensur Geshe Thupten Kunphel was born in 1962 and, from young, studied at Drepung Loseling Monastery under some of the most esteemed masters including Khensur Pema Gyaltshen, Gen Nyima and the 100th Ganden Tri Rinpoche. He was appointed by the Central Tibetan Administration as the Abbot of the historic Gontse Ganden Rabgyeling Monastery and has been serving as one of the most fervent Dharma and social activists at the extremely remote border region of Arunachal Pradesh, reviving the Dharma where it has since weakened. Khensur la is widely considered to be one of the most outstanding teachers of his generation and is deeply respected for his integrity, scholarship?and?experience.