Könchok Chidu Tsok & Long Life Empowerment
of Könchok Chidu
(With H.H. Dzogchen Rinpoche and monks from Dzogchen Monastery, South India)

KÖNCHOK CHIDU TSEWANG (long life blessing empowerment)

Terma are teachings, texts and sacred objects which were concealed, mainly in the 8th century by Guru Rinpoche and his consort Yeshe Tsogyal, to be revealed at the time most appropriate for their discovery by treasure revealers (tertöns); a continuing series of incarnations of Guru Rinpoche and his disciples.

The ritual practice of Könchok Chidu, translated as ‘Gathering of all Precious Jewels’, is a terma discovered in the 17th century by Rigdzin Jatsön Nyingpo, and has become the main practice of the Dzogchen lineage. Through the power of the Lama, in the form of Tsokye Dorje – a peaceful mainifestation of Guru Rinpoche; the Yidam Guru Drakpo – a wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche; and the Khandro Senge Dongma, it removes obstacles and harmful influences; creates positive circumstances for the environment and all beings; increases virtue; and clears away all ignorance.


Throughout the centuries, over 500 different terma of tsewang (long life empowerment) have been discovered by various tertöns. From these, the tsewang of Könchok Chidu is said to be the main one that confers Guru Rinpoche’s most profound blessings for long life free of obstacles.



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