Jigten Sumgon


The Song of the Five Profound Paths of Mahamudra :

These teachings were given to Jigten Sumgon by Phagmo Drupa.

On obtaining certainty in them, Jigten Sumgon sang this song:

I bow at the feet of glorious Phagmo Drupa.

If the steed of love and compassion
Does not run for the benefit of others,
It will not be rewarded in the assembly of gods and men.
Attend, therefore, to the preliminaries.

If ones body, the King of Deities,
Is not stabilized on this unchanging ground,
The retinue of dakinis will not assemble.
Be sure, therefore, of your body as the yidam.

If on the guru, snow mountain of the four kayas,
The sun of devotion fails to shine,
The stream of blessings will not arise.
Attend, therefore, to this mind of devotion.

If from the sky-like expanse of Mind-as-such
The clouds of preconception are not blown away,
The planets and stars of the two wisdoms will not shine.
Attend, therefore, to this mind without preconception.

If the wish-fulfilling gem of the two accumulations
Is not polished by aspiration,
The results we have hoped for will not arise.
Attend, therefore, to this final dedication.