Date: 25/1/2014 8:50:07 PM

Subject: [CASonline] "Amongst White Clouds"
Precious Dharma Friends @
Phuntsok Cho Ling (CAS),
Thank you so much, thank you for remembering the Gurus, for serving the holy Dharma, not forgetting mother beings and their sufferings and for being selfless and loyal, all these years.
The beautiful Queen of Space,
Achi Chokyi Drolma 
You have successfully given not just Mahakala and Achi Drolma as we initially envisioned, you had also come together to offer Palden Lhamo and Tsiumar to Most Venerable Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche and the world .... we have more than doubled our first projection to S$13,500/-. 
May the Dharma long endure for the welfare and blessings of all beings by the power and might of the Dharma Guardians !!
The precious Sangha of Loseling Tsawa Khamtsen 
Then, also, you have given S$23,197/- to Drepung Loseling Tsawa Khamtsen monastic hostel. On behalf of the 500 holy Sangha of Tsawa Khamtsen, thank you. 
Trusting fully in the miracles and unflinching commitment of the Dharma Protectors, and so much in all of you, we had boldly taken up two out of the many requests made to us .... and thank you for making CAS's projects come true.
Given that the Dharma Guardians are emobiment of the divine activities of the Buddhas, may we pray and dedicate that unending blessings fall unremittingly upon the world and all beings therein, till samsara ends.
bb   & other beings @ Phuntsok Cho Ling (CAS)
A monk in retreat
To include another appeal, we are glad to share the merit with all of you....  do consider offering towards the retreat of a Spanish monk in retreat in a wooden cabin in Spain. Phuntsok Cho Ling (CAS) has been most blessed to be offering towards the retreat of the monks in life-long retreat as well as any Sangha who approached us for support towards their practice. So, here is one more budding, precious Sangha from the Western regions, now under the guidance of the Buddha.
( We had verified with the monk's attached monastery that such a monk exists and that he is in retreat, at the place where he said he is )
Here is the information submitted to from on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 10:12 am.
name: Tubten Lodro
Email Address:
Subject: Retreat support
Comment: Dear friends in the Dharma:
First of all,thank you for your help the past year,because you help me for to continue my retreat`practice.If you remember,I am living in a woden cabin in the forest in Teruel(Spain).I only need very few money for the food.If this year you can give some small contribution shall be nice,and if you can´not,also is ok.
My best wishes with Metta
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This issue featuring Chinese Zen / Pure Land tradition monks in life-long retreat in the rolling mountains of Zhong Nan.  
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- the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Urgyen Thrinley Dorje.
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